Our Founder - Paula Weiner

I love living in New York City and like most New Yorker's have a busy life here. I'll often walk to meetings and events and find myself needing a snack along the way. 

As our desire for healthier food options has grown, over the past few years, as we live our lives more on the move, than ever before. We noticed a huge increase in healthy snack options available from companies of all sizes. However, many of local retailers in the city, have limited shelf space. 

It is our intent to bring to you creative, new items, being created by small companies, that may not be broadly distributed; as well as the more established options.

We wanted to create a website where you could see a curated selection of the best snacks available. We want you to be able to search through the many options available to you, and find the ones that are ideal for your needs. 

So we created a healthy snack resource, for those who may want to have:

  • A quick bite in their morning workout;
  • Great breakfast options, when you're on the go;
  • A low calorie snack, in the morning, to get you to lunch;
  • Meal replacement options, if it's a busy day, and you need to work through lunch;
  • Something substantial to eat, so you may workout during lunch;
  • A quick bite while you head out for a business or personal appointment;
  • An afternoon energizing snack, that will sustain you until you meet friends for dinner or;
  • A filling snack, such as a selection of nuts, to enjoy quickly, before meeting friends for drinks;
  • A pre-workout snack, before heading to the gym, after work;
  • Healthy options to have at home, while your catching up on a few episodes of your favorite show;
  • Snacks that will hold up in warm or cold weather, while you're out for a bike ride or a hike;
  • A tasty bite to enjoy on your ride to the top of the ski slope
  • An item or two, to toss in your pocket, while you're out getting all those weekend errands done;
  • A healthy selection for a day on the water,  at the lake, on a boat, or by the ocean.
  • Something easy to reach for when traveling on a plane, train, bus, or local car service.

I love to walk in New York City. To enhance my experience, I started wearing a step counting device a few years ago, and often walk 20,000 (10 miles) steps a day or more. I'm always looking for fun new items to take on my journey, and to share with the friends, who join me.